Correction in the Poker Planning Deck

Kevin Schlabach ( called my attention about a missing card in the deck I presented in the previous post about the Poker Planning (estimating method used in Agile/Scrum methodology).

The missing card is the Infinite card, I gotta confess, this card is really new for me but the idea behind it is great, and the example he gave us was equally nice, here’s he’s entire explanation about it:

This is a great post about this process and a good explanation for folks, but I have a card in my deck (from Mike / Mountain Goat Software) that you are missing.

The infinity card – used when the team completely understands the story, has a good idea how to do it, but knows that it is too much burden to ever complete… ever.

Example: We know what a Ferrari is, we’ve built cars before, we know exactly how we’d go about designing and building a Ferrari. But the legal costs of building a car with the Ferrari logo on it would take an infinite amount of time/money to overcome and therefore we throw down the infinity card. Mr. Product Owner, this card tells you that we are not confused… in fact it tells you that we are clearly telling you not to go down this path because it will destroy all other work you might want us to tackle.

NOTE: If you are looking for information about Scrum/Agile methodology, don’t miss out his blog, it’s very handy with a lot of information reunited, thanks Kevin!


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  1. Thanks for the plug and link back!

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