Drunk last night? Don’t show your boss on Facebook

LONDON (Reuters Life!) – Had a heavy weekend’s drinking? Been to some wild parties?

Don’t be tempted to boast about it on social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace, or worse provide pictures of yourself behaving like a complete buffoon.

For would-be employers could be digging for digital dirt. Readily available — and possibly embarrassing — information is just a mouse click away.

“The best advice is — don’t put anything on your profile you wouldn’t want you mother to see,” said Andy Powell, director at the international recruitment agency Badenoch & Clark.

He warned social networking devotees not to post pictures of debauched parties, to go easy on details of romantic trysts and never to complain about their current job or boss.

“More and more recruiters are taking note of ‘net reputations,'” Powell said.

“The social networking site Viadeo ran a survey which found that one in five employers were already using the internet to search for information on candidates,” he told Reuters.

“Our advice is to exercise caution,” he said. “Be careful about the more trivial stuff — photos of you in a drunken state, talking to friends about how you dislike your employer.”   


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