My top 5 Firefox add-on

One thing that I love most in Firefox is the add-ons feature.

It’s awesome the idea of improve your browser to your daily need once browser and e-mails are where we spend most of our time in the day anyway.

I have to confess, at least once a day I spend a couple of minutes looking around for new and cool add-ons, and some that can help me bypass the hard and cruel company’s proxy that blocks everything web has of fun (please, don’t tell my boss), just kidding.

Anyway, what I want to post here is a small compilation of the top 5 most important add-ons for me, here they are, not necessarily in the importance rank.

1. Firebug: Essential for web developers or people who just like to play with page contents, layouts, etc. With it you can change layout, content, see CSS, etc. and check it live on the browser while you change it.

2. Developer Toolbar: Very handy toolbar also for developers and web-curious, you can enable/disable CSS, Javascript, Cookies, view some information about the page and much more.

3. MMD WordPress Extension:This adds a small icon in the status bar that shows you live stats about your WordPress blog.

4. Quick Translation (qtl): Useful extension for those, like me, that try and insist on speaking english even not speaking he’s own language properly. It translates anything in several languages in one click and uses some different sources like babylon, wiki, google and others.

5. Cooliris: Very, very heavy add-on but extremely good-looking, fun and useless add-on, but I simply like it. It creates a small button on right of the search box that shows google pictures, youtube videos, amazon products, flickr pics and others in a sick 3D panel. As I sad, useless but nice.

Hope you guys like them, they are some little things that make may life easier and more fun.

Just remember, don’t go crazy on the add-ons, specially on those like the Cooliris or your Firefox will take as long as the Microsoft Outlook to load.


One Response to My top 5 Firefox add-on

  1. Bob White says:

    Since you are an add-on fan, you might also be interested in trying this out that is my life saver:

    Select-n-Go by Cleeki:

    Firefox’s enhanced alternative to IE8 Accelerator (Activities). Select any text on your screen and you can preview search results immediately in the same page. Support Google (text, image …), YouTube, Maps, Amazon, etc. and you can manage/add your own channels.

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