I’m Google I can read Flash

In a recent announcement, Google and Adobe have teamed up to develop a new algorithm for the spider bots to index text content in Flash file.

It also extracts URLs and understand simple JavaScript like SWFObject. This was not a partnership for the gain of Google, but also for Adobe. With this new research, Adobe has founded formats in which Flash sites will be created, constructed and designed to therefore be optimised on the Google.

However people have been questioning as to how much does the Googlebot actual index? Will it take all part of the text content? Will it rank flash files (if multiple were found on a page).

Beussery.com has been doing some extensive research which can be found here http://www.beussery.com/blog/index.php/2008/10/google-flash-seo/

If you can read that code lingo and various scenarios then knock yourself out. I just read the first paragraph to get an idea, and avoided collapsing on my keyboard.

Source: http://www.vickylalwani.com/2008/10/16/i-am-google-i-can-read-flash/


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